Collectible Card Vibes

Here at DMS, we are collectors at heart, and have been for many years. When we were younger, we collected action figures, vinyl records, cassette tapes, movies, comic books, etc. As time has passed, we still collect some of those items, but also find our offices adorned with Funko Pops, custom art, celebrity autographs, etc.

With the collecting vibe coming natural to us, we wanted to add that component to our mysteries. Since our very first mystery, Murder in 3B, was released we have included a collectible card with each case. Collectible cards aren’t normally used in solving each mystery. However, we do use the opportunity to give you a little more detail about locations, characters, etc.

Many messages have come to our email and social media inboxes asking about our collectible cards.  Some of you want to collect every single card, and others simply need help knowing which card goes with which mystery.  Your messages have not fallen flat with us.  We now have an updated list for you detailing every single collectible card that has been released, and the mystery or method to receive those cards.

You will notice that 3 cards are available by leaving us a review. This is a simple and easy way for you to get these 3 cards for free. Follow the link and leave us a review about your experience. Once you have completed that task, simply send us a message with your name and mailing address on social media or send an email to support@deadboltmysterysociety and we will get those 3 free cards in the mail to you. Reviews can be left here.

Also, we have collectible card binders to keep your collection organized.  Binders can be found here:

Happy collecting!

Collectible Card Checklist
Download and print the collectible card checklist here